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As a man and van driver in the UK, I see a great importance of keeping a safe distance on the motorways, but I frequently see drivers on the motorways driving too close to the vehicle ahead and sometimes they are professional driver like myself, driving vans or even heavily loaded Lorries.

What I realise by talking to some of my colleagues at work is that drivers have this false sense of security because our motorways are in a fairly in good conditions and they drive at high speeds keeping very small distance from the rear of the vehicle in front. And if for any reason the vehicle in front has to suddenly hit the brakes, the vehicle behind is too close and wouldn’t be able to avoid a collision.

It is great that the highway police is constantly enforcing speed limits and maintenance of vehicles, but more attention should be drown to distance between vehicle as well, especially when whether condition and visibility are poor.

I am not jumping into conclusions, but I think drivers need to be more aware of the great danger of driving too close to each other and perhaps accidents such as the recent M5 crash could avoided or at list minimized.

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