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Packing & Moving Service

Packing and Moving

Packing and Moving

The Handy Removals Packing & Moving Service understands that packing can be a hassle.

To pack up all your things, wrapping them up and depositing them into countless boxes, wondering all the while if your tea cups, or other fragile items that demand to be treated with care, should have been wrapped in more paper – this is an extremely tiresome and stressful aspect of moving. Not to mention that it is entirely too time consuming.

With the help of Handy Removals Packing & Moving you can let go of all these packing troubles.

Why Not Leave It All To Us?

  • Our friendly team members will be dispatched to your house or flat, arriving either before the removal day or earlier in the day of the removal.
  • Our teams are on time, punctual, efficient, and polite and conscientious.
  • The Handy Removal Packing & Moving members sent to your house will pack everything you want packed, and they will do this carefully and thoroughly, making sure that all fragile items, such as glass dishes, are packed appropriately.
  • Should you choose to employ the services of a Handy Removals team then you need not worry about packing all of your things and getting them from one location to another for all of this will be done for you, and you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that all your valued possessions are being handled professionally.
  • You will be free to think on other matters, such as the different, non-packing related, details of your relocation.  This will give you the space you need – both the time and the mental space you require –to work out the details of your trip, and, should you desire, to relax a little before your journey.

Packing Service Cost

The Handy Removals Packing and Moving Service can provide you with a team of packers at either an hourly rate or a daily rate.  All packing supplies, such as cardboard boxes, will be supplied by us at a competitive rate.

Please contact us if you wish to book a free survey, and we will offer you a quote that is tailored specifically to your individual requirements.

Also, you may consult the reviews that we have got from clients – some will appear on this page under the header What Our Clients are saying, and to see others click on the Testimonials.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"great service across a very long day and very helpful!"


"A very punctual, friendly and efficient service from the management to the individuals carrying out the move.


"Excellent service, friendly and polite. Efficient too and even when things didn't quite go to plan, they found a solution;"