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Parking Suspension London

Have You Arranged Parking For the Movers Yet?

If your answer is NO, this could be a costly mistake and you could end up paying an expensive parking fine or your home or business relocation could take lots more time (and money) than expected.
Unlike many people think, especially those that don’t own a vehicle in London, finding a parking space available near to where you want to stop is quite a hard task. That isn’t too much of a problem if you’re just visiting friends or shopping. But, if you are moving home or office, parking could became a massive issue.

Wait, but if am hiring a moving company to move my stuff, they surely can stop anywhere, right?

Not at all, delivery vehicle can only stop on loading bays or single yellow for a maximum of 20 to 40 minutes, depending of the borough. And if 20 minutes would be okay, how far is the loading bay or single yellow from your property?

Avoid parking issues following our recommendations:

  • In many cases, we can stop at the most near pay & display parking bay, and this cost is will be added to the total cost of your move.
  • Check current and new property loading/unloading facilities. Some buildings in London have their private loading areas, speak to porter or neighbours for more information.
  • If you’re only moving personal goods, you should be able to get away with using single yellow or loading bay, providing that you don’t choose a time when it may be busy with other companies’ delivering and this bay isn’t too far from the property.
  • Property on a RED ROUTE? Wow, ensure to check times when restriction is enforced; red route can’t be suspended and you may have to move very early morning or late evening.
  • Moving One of two Bed house with furniture – unless you have a private parking or drive, you should look into getting visitors permit or parking suspension.
  • Moving a Three Bed House or More – unless you have a private drive or similar, you must get a parking suspension.

Parking Suspensions

You can get it from you local council parking office, but local authorities requires form 17 to 7 days notices to arrange this, therefore, the sooner you do it the better.

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