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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Handy Moving Tips for home move

House Moving is up there alongside divorce, job loss and even bereavement as one of life’s most stressful events. Along with the inevitable red tape and other responsibilities involved in moving, it’s essential to choose a removal company that you can rely upon 100 per cent. That’s where Handy Removals come in. We’ll take care of everything. In fact, we’ll help to make your move as stress-free as possible right now with some handy tips on how to organise a successful (and hassle-free!) smooth move:

Getting Quotes

Before you set off organizing your removal, you must get quotes and moving company booked. And in order to get accurate quotes, our surveyor must visit your property and carry out a full assessment of your needs. Book a free survey now.


Once you have the movers booked, ensure suitable parking provision is made for our removal van or truck, by:
• Placing cones
• Leaving your car in the parking space until the removal van arrives
• Receiving parking dispensation from your local Council
• Contacting the Police


• Ensure there is access to and from the doorway of your home for the removal vehicle
• In advance, explain to your neighbours that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home
• Ensure passageways and staircases are left completely clear for our moving team
• Tell us about any internal or external difficulties we may encounter which may require special consideration

Children & Pets

During the removal of heavy items, keep children and pets a safe distance from the van and the crew. (Keeps pets on a leash if appropriate).
Labelling boxes
Clearly label all boxes with their contents and the room from which they came.


On boxes that contain breakables, place “FRAGILE” stickers. Also, please neatly stack pictures and mirrors somewhere safe.

Fridges and Freezers

Empty and defrost these prior to removal.

Cookers, washing machines…

These should be disconnected and any contents removed.


To prevent delay, loosen carpets prior to the removal team’s arrival (unless we have agreed to do this for you as part of our service).


Before you move, contact your utility companies (gas, electricity and water) about your vacation of the premises.

Take down curtains, blinds and items fixed to walls. Empty all wardrobes (including fitted wardrobes). Fold all bedding and linen ready for packing. Dismantle all self-assembly furniture. Box up your stereo, TV, computer, printer… Pack lampshades and plants into boxes (to provide extra protection and to allow the plants to breathe, seal the box with the flaps up).

Final Checks

Before leaving, check all rooms as well as the attic, airing cupboard, garage and shed.

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