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How to Protect Carpets on Moving Day

Stair Stick Carpet

Stair Stick Carpet

The stress of moving day is taxing enough, add to it the pressure to ensure that the carpets of your new home are not spoiled and you have a true challenge on your hands.

In the UK, this time of the year is particularly wet. So if you are planning to change abodes, chances are preventing carpet damage will be high on your priority list.

Whether it is professional movers or friends and family helping out, many times a day several people will step in and out of your new and old home.

Of course removing shoes is neither practical nor the most pocket-friendly option, especially if you have hired someone. Worse yet, if you damage the carpet it could end up costing you part of your deposit. As they say prevention is better than the cure.

So instead of putting a serious dent in your bank account, it is best to look for alternatives beforehand. The idea is to find something that is not expensive, but does a good job at the same time.
While you may want to consider options such as covering the floor with newspapers, remember ultimately it is the durability of the material you use that will determine how successful it is in protecting your carpet. Not to mention the risk of staining.

One of the most reliable and practical ways of protecting your carpet through a house move is the Stair Stick Carpet Protector. It is a great product that sticks to the carpet and comes off easily. It is a thin film that is water-proof and self adhesive. The protector helps your carpets stay safe from dust, mud, moisture and especially the Intensive wear and tear on moving day.

Since it is non-slip, you can be assured that you and your helpers will not risk a nasty trip or fall while walking on it. The film adheres almost instantly to stairs and carpets and remains in place until you want to peel it off. The best part is that the Stair-stick floor protectors will come off clean, and there is no residue to worry about.

If you are using a quality service provider like Handy Removals, which are committed to help you move stress free, you can be assured materials such as these will always be on hand. Our professional movers always have it in our vans, and at £30.00 a roll, it is an inexpensive way to protect your carpets, and enjoy a hassle-free move.

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