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If you decided to hire a Men & Van Moving Service per hour, you could save quite a lot just by following these 5 simple moving  tips. By getting your stuff ready to go before the moving day, it makes our job easier and quicker, therefore, saving time and your money.

1) Don’t leave the packaging for last minute

Packaging your own stuff takes time, that is because you have lots of memories and feeling towards these objects, therefore, time can sleep away when you’re remembering the day you bough that painting in Paris in the 60s.

2) Don’t overload the boxes

The recommend maximum weigh is 20K per box, therefore, place heavy items into smaller boxes and light items into larger boxes. Also, for health and safety purpose, the movers are advised not to carry overloaded boxes on their own and waiting for another mover‘s help in order to move one box will slow down your move.

3) Do mark the boxes & Furniture

Such as by content, room where it belongs to, Fragile and heavy. This is very important for the safety or your goods and our men. Also, if you’re not moving all the furniture in the house, marking or labelling those that will be moved can save lots of time.

4) Do use proper moving boxes

Most of the cheap boxes that are sold online are not strong enough because they’re made with only 1/2 of the material of double-sided moving boxes. As we pile them up, they start to break, creating a massive problem. So, ensure that you get proper double-sided removal boxes.

5) Parking

It’s extremely important that parking is arranged as near to the property as possible. You can call your local council and ask them to suspend the parking bays you need OR just use your car to hold up the space (if possible).

1 Man & Transit Van = we need 6 metres parking space.
2 Men & Luton Van = we need 8 metres parking space.
3 Men & 7.5T Truck = we need 12 metres parking space.

Packing Material

We can deliver packaging material prior to your moving day And it is FREE DELIVERY if you order £60.00 or more. Download our packaging material price list for further details.

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